KHL Play-Offs: CSKA is in the final against Avangard

CSKA Moskau – SKA St.Petersburg Ilya Sorokin Eispalast des Sports CSKA © Robanser

CSKA Moscow win the game 7 against SKA 3-1 and play in the final against Avangard for the Gagarin Cup.

In the all-important seventh game, CSKA hosted SKA St. Petersburg in Moscow. The two best teams of the West Conferece met, but only one could win.

The game began as expected at a very high speed, as both teams from the bully sought the decision. Both goalies, Sorokin at CSKA and Shestyorkin, were immediately at the center of the action. The first power play had SKA, as Shalunov had to go to the penalty box because of interference. Chances were there, but mostly was at Sorokin terminus. Shortly before the break, CSKA also had a power play, but here too the goal remained.

After the break Karpov had the first chance, but Sorokin was at the post. It was about four minutes played, and CSKA came after a change mistake by SKA to a power play. This lasted just 23 seconds and it fell the first goal. After a shot from Shlepyshev Shestyorkin could defend only briefly, Belov wanted to clean out and plays the puck on the free-standing Vey. He had no trouble and scored the 1-0 (6.). This goal gave CSKA a real boost and they relented. Shortly thereafter, Okulov brings the puck in the direction of SKA goal, Belov does not bring the puck away, and Slepyshev recognized the situation fastest and scored the 2-0 (8.). But SKA recouped very quickly and set to counterattack. After a great action by Gusev, the puck jumps to Plotnikov who, lying down from the side, carries the puck over Sorokin to 1-2 in the net (11.). It was followed by dramatic scenes with fast, good hockey. Both goalies took center stage, but goals were missed.

In the final section SKA sat on total offensive, but had to survive at the beginning of a power play. As a result, SKA was the better team, but CSKA always came back with a fast counterattack very dangerous before the SKA goal. A shot from Grigorenko narrowly missed the SKA goal and after a mistake by Marchenko, Karpov’s SKA was a good fit, but Sorokin was unbearable. It went back and forth and awarded Vey for CSKA and Poltnikov for SKA great opportunities. More than two minutes before the end Coach Vorobyov take Goalie Shestyorkin from the ice. For the time being, SKA won the CSKA zone with six field players. Sorokin was under constant fire, but with incredible saves he prevented a goal. The decision came two seconds before the end. With a discharge attack by CSKA Grigorenko comes to the puck and with a loop he carries this to 3-1 in the empty goal. With this victory CSKA is in the final against Avangard Omsk for the Gagarin Cup 2018/19.

CSKA Moskau vs SKA St.Petersburg 3-1 (0-0, 2-1, 1-0) – Series: 4-3