KHL Play-Offs: Avangard Omsk is in the final


After a goal in the 110th minute Avangard Omsk wins 1-0 in Ufa, wins the series with 4-2 and is in the final.

The sixth game in the Conference Final should be one of the longest in the history of the Gagarin Cup. Avangard needed a full success to win the series.

It was a fast, balanced game from the first bully, with many good chances on both sides. It was played hard but fair. The only power play in the first period had Omsk, as Yualev had too many players on the ice.

In the middle period the spectators saw the same picture, fast hockey with many attractive moves and great chances. Both goalies got a lot to do and were able to distinguish themselves several times. Also in this period there was only one penalty when Omsk’s Zernov had his stick too high in the game. Yulaev came to a power play, but scored no goal.

Even in the final period both teams gave the best and the high speed was maintained. Yualey missed the opportunity of a power play when Manukyan sat in the penalty box. Despite many good chances it remained goalless until the end and it went into the overtime.

Both teams continued to search the way to the goal to decide the game. However, the good chances remained without scoring, probably also, as both goalies held everything what it was to hold. Omsk came into power midway through the first leg as Yualev had too many players on the ice, as in the first period. Omsk took this opportunity and it remained without a goal.

The decision in this high-profile match fell in the 110th minute of the third overtime, when Bondarev spoiled a pass from Semyonov to 1-0. Omsk wins the series 4-2 and is in the final of the Gagarin Cup 2018/19.

Salavat Ufa vs Avangard Omsk 0-1 (0-0, 0-0, 0-0, 0-1) – Series: 2-4