KHL Play-Offs: Salavat Ufa wins at Avangard


Salavat Ufa wins at Avangard with a Kemppainen goal in the 89th minute and shortens the series to 2-3.

Avangard Omsk leads in the series and needs only one victory for the finals, which wanted to prevent Salavat course. Sold out house and great atmosphere also from the numerous fans from Ufa.

The guests started shooting and Larsen had the first chance after only a few seconds. Omsk was not in the game when Ufa took the lead. After a quick foray from Tkachev from the own zone with access to Arzamastsev. He keeps going on Burmistrov who scored the 1-0 (3.) with a sharp shot. Ufa went down but Omark and Kemppainen failed to beat Bobkov. Omsk then woke up and started an attack furioso and Metsola got a lot to hold. Shumakov missed the empty goal and Pivtsakin heads to Bobkov. The pressure increased and Shirokov barely missed the puck. After a mistake by Mestola Koshelev came to the puck, but could not beat the Ufa goalie, the margin of Desharnais Metsola could also ward off. Shortly after halftime of the periods it was time, Chudinov fits in with Shumakov and he scored the 1-1 (12.). Omsk kept on pushing, but Mestola kept the upper hand against Mikheyev and Yemelin. The first power play had Ufa nearing the end when Desharnais hit his bat Kemppainen in the face.

After the break Omsk was still the game-determining team. After a long pass, Manukyan wins a speed duel against Ufa’s Arzamastsev but Mestola held on to the puck. Avangard continued to find plenty of chances, Mikheyev, Chudinov awarded as well as Zernov, who narrowly missed a pass from Semyonov. Only at half-time came Ufa back to possibilities, but the chances of Arzamastsev, who turned on again and again in the attack, and Gimatov Bobkov sometimes made no effort. A quick thrust from Chudinov, with a pass on Mikheyev. He plays Talbot, who lets Metsola down, and he uses the runners to play the puck. Solodhukin pokes the puck out of the gate, but the referees gave the video after video analysis. The unsettled Ufa and after a mistake by Omark Talbot came to the disc and when this wanted to pull off, the Omark could barely prevent with a dive jump.

There were a few minutes played in the final period, as Zernov scored the supposed 3-1. After intervention by Ufa coach Tsulygin the hit after video evidence was not given. Reason should have been an unsportsmanlike attitude towards Metsola, as Desharnais should have played the puck from the catching hand. Hartley had that decision in his stomach, and Ufa got stronger again – Hartikainen failed at Bobkov. Shortly before halftime of the third Ufa had a power play and this was also used – Omark scored the 2-2. Then Omsk was again on the trigger, Franson was dangerous from a long shot. In another power play Metsola was able to distinguish itself against Franson and Chudinov. Ufa was always dangerous in the counterattack and Kemppainen forgives his chance. A few seconds later came Ufa’s Busarov after a mistake by Yemelin to the puck, but Hartikainen, who had leaked the puck, forgives. At the end, Omsk tried the crowbar, but both Franson and Pokka could not score with their long shots. This went into overtime.

In the first overtime Ufa forgave the possibility of a power play – Zerbov had to cross-check on the penalty bench. Both teams continued to be very offensive, but both goalies kept what they had to hold. In the 89th minute then the decision fell, after a pass from Hartikainen Kemppainen scored the winning goal to 3-2. This Salavat brings an important victory and shortens the series to 2-3.

Avangard Omsk vs Salavat Ufa 2-3 OT (1:1, 1:0, 0:1, 0:1) – Series 3-2