EST: HK Välk is Estonian Ice Hockey Champion

eestihoki liiga

With a 9-5 goal spectacle over Narva PSK the HK Välk celebrates its 10th Estonian Ice Hockey Championship.

The HK Välk had only one goal in the home game against Narva PSK: a victory and the 10th championship win.

Välk went into the game with a lot of commitment, was too impetuous and Ivanov had to go to the penalty bench after less than a minute. Narva had the power play early on, but the goal was scored by Välk. After a mistake from Narva Garanin came to the puck, played to Vorang and with a short-handed goal this scored the 1-0 (3.). Narva visibly shocked and Petrov got a penalty for tripping. Välk uses this power play and Kuznetsov scores the 2-0 (4.). An open game ensued and at half-time of the period Iljin scored the 1-2 (10.). Välk was untouched despite this goal and Voisekhivskyi exploited a pass from Vorang to 3-1 (11.). Not enough, Välk continued and Sokolov scored the 4-1 (18.) just before the break.

After the restart Välk continued his powerful play. After more than four minutes, after Gusynin’s pass, Titarenko scores 5-1 (25.) and only one minute later Lubnin scores 6-1 (26.). This seems to have been a preliminary decision. Narva, however, was still not beaten. Petrov had to go to the penalty box for slashing and Välk had a power play. But as in the first third Välk made a mistake this time and Ilja Iljin plays Kirill Iljin. He can not take this opportunity and with a short hander he hits for 2-6 (29.). But again only a minute later Välk answered. Sokolov uses a pass from Kuznetsov to 7-2 (30.). Only seconds later, Narva came to a power play as Savvov got a penalty. Kirill Iljin was again on position and scored the 3-7 (31.). Narva was able to keep the game more open, even as Välk took the pace out. In another power play for Narva shortly before the second break, it was again Kirill Iljin, who, with his already fourth goal, to 4-7 (40.).

Narva drew hope at the beginning of the final period, as Saprykin scored the goal early on for 5-7 (42.). But Välk increased the pressure again and Minutes later Titarenko scored, after a solo, the 8-5 (54.). The final point in this final was Kuznetsov, who only 33 seconds later with the 9-5 the final score (55.). With this clear victory Välk wins the series 3-0 and celebrates the 10th Estonian Ice Hockey Championship.

HK Välk 494 vs Narva PSK 9-5 (4-1, 2-3, 3-1) – Series: 3:0