LAT Play-Offs: HK Mogo is Latvian ice hockey champion

HK Mogo

Mogo won after a 2-1 at Kurbads the final series with 4-2 and celebrates his second Latvian hockey championship.

Kurbads wanted to force a seventh game in the home game against Mogo with a win. Mogo, however, also hoped for a full success to get his second title.

There was an exciting and fast-paced game from the Bully, where the spectators were happy. Kurbads in the first minutes clearly the better team, Mogo survived this phase and could start one or the other fast counterattack. At times, it was hectic in the first period, but it was still fair. When it seemed like a goalless first half, there was the lead for Kurbad eight seconds before the break. Rancevs plays ideal to Zembergs and this scored the 1-0.

This late goal was to give Kurbads a lift after the break, which was the same in the first few minutes. Mogo quickly put that goal away and started the counterattack. It developed a real final game. The Dinamo Riga brought Marenis played the puck to Saulietis and this scored the equal to 1-1 (34.). Both teams then had their sights set on goals, but both goalies, Romanovskis at Kurbads and Mogo’s Kazanovs, had to prove their skills a few times.

In the final third, the fans continued to see an open exchange and many opportunities. At times there were hardly any interruptions, it was played fast. Despite many good chances no team could achieve the „Big Point“ and it went into overtime. In overtime, it took just over five minutes to make the decision. Karlis Ozolins came to the puck and after a solo he scored the winning goal to 2-1 for Mogo (66.). With this victory Mogo wins the series with 4-2 and enthralling HK Kurbads as champion and is for the second time in the club history Latvian ice hockey champions.

HK Kurbads vs HK Mogo 1-2 OT (1-0, 0-1, 0-0, 0-1) – Series: 2-4