KHL Play-Offs: Omsk gets the 2-0 lead against Ufa


Avangard Omsk wins the second game in the East Conference final against Ufa 4-1. Taylor Beck equalized with a goal and an assist a club record by Jaromir Jagr.

In Balashikha, the second game of the East Conference Final took place today. After the close overtime defeat of Ufa, the guests started, as in the first game, better in the encounter. Sergeyev was really dangerous in the fourth minute when he appeared before Goalie Bobkov. The longer the start period went, the better Avangard Omsk came into play. A mistake by Ufa made for the first Avangard Chance by Semyonov (5.). Subsequently, Ufa goalie Metsola was often the focus. Beck and Bondarev failed at the Finn. Nevertheless, it was after 20 minutes 0-0.

Ufa was the better team again at the beginning of the second period, but this time it was Hartikainen who tested Bobkov. Omsk quickly regained the upper hand in the match in these 20 minutes, and a Petrov chance resulted in a penalty for the Ufa guests. The home team did not seem to be able to do the powerplay. But 16 seconds before Kemppainen came back, Shirokov met 1-0 lead. The assist came from Beck, who thus contributed a point in the 10th PlayOff game in a row. Thus, Beck set the team record of Jaromir Jagr. Bobkov continued to play a fairly calm game at Omsk Tor, Avangard kept on improving and Sirokov and Beck had more chances.

In the third period, the once again good start for Salavat once again paid off. In the 42nd minute had on the part of the home team Shumakov on the penalty bench. The guests used this through their top man for the compensation, and the penalty against Omsk had just expired. Hartikainen was not the scorer, but the Finn, who stood with his back to the goal on the rebound, played the puck between his legs to Tkachyov, and this had no trouble to equalize. For a long time, however, the score did not hold up. Beck scored again in the 47th minute, scoring his fourth goal in a fourth consecutive game to bring Avangard back into the lead. Salavat Yulaev was trying to save something and Linus Omark also had a chance. Omsk never gave up the game. After Manukyan failed in the 53rd minute to Metsola, Semyonov succeeded in the 56th minute, the 3-1 lead. After a too short defense of the Ufa goalkeeper, the puck came over Petrov again in front of the Salavat Yulaev goal, and there dusted the 24-year-old with his third PlayOff goal successfully. Although Ufa still brought Metsola from the ice, but the second defeat was not to prevent. That’s how Yemelin fixed his Emty Net for the final score of 4-1, 24 seconds before the end. Omsk travel with a 2-0 series lead to the two games to Ufa.

Avangard Omsk vs Salavat Ufa 4-1 (0-0, 1-0, 3-1) – Series: 2-0