EST Play-Offs: Välk wins at Narva PSK and faces the title win

eestihoki liiga

In a dramatic game Välk defeated in the away game Narva PSK 5-4, leading in the series with 2-0 and only needs one more victory.

Narva PSK slipped into a debacle in the first game against Välk after a two-goal lead. The team wanted to make that forget in the home game, and make the series equalization.

Narva started the impulsive fans in the back very impulsive and Välk Goalie Bek got to hold in the first minutes a lot. The first scuffle came after two minutes when Narva’s Illin and Välks Robushkin got their hands on each other for the first penalties. Shortly before halftime of the period Vassiliev came to the puck, plays to Puzakov and this brings Narva 1-0 in the lead (10.). After this goal, it was rougher and again it was Illin who retaliated after an attack by Voitsekhivskyi. Illin got away with a two-minute penalty and his opponent was sent off for four minutes. In this power play, the home side but was denied a goal. At the end of this punishment, Puck got the perfect leak from Garanin and he scored the 1-1 (14.). Narva did not let himself be confused and a few minutes later Kulakov played a pass to Bogdanov and Narva again led 2-1 (18.).

Also in the middle period things got hot. Both teams paid nothing and each had a power play, but could not score goals. Shortly before half time Titarenko came to the puck of Ivanov, and this meets to 2-2 (29.). It remained a play-off game and after a slashing attack Aleksandrov had to go to the penalty box for four minutes, and Välk’s Garanin two minutes because of Diving. This power play for Välk was also unused. Välk became stronger and Filipov could only be stopped with a foul. In the subsequent penalty shoot Fillipov fails Narva Goalie Rovda (37.). In the last minute before the second break Välk came to a renewed power play and Titarenko used a pass from Garanin to 3-2 (40.).

In the final period, Narva immediately sought the way to the gate. After more than five minutes Illin succeeds after a pass from Titov the equalizer to 3-3 (46.). Välk remained unimpressed and only four minutes later Garanin brings the renewed lead to 4-3 (50.). After this goal Narva acted briefly unfocused and älk nutz this and Kuznetsov scored the 5-3 (53.). After this goal, Vassilijev let out all his frustration and after one, the Narva player was sent to the cabin with a 5 + playing time penalty. Although Välk had a power play, but this advantage was taken by Tsyganov again, who got a penalty for hooking. In this 4:4 game Narva succeeds by Kulakov still the 4-5 (56.). In the final minutes, Narva tried everything to equalize, but Välk brought this result over time. With this victory Välk put them 2-0 up in the series and only need one more victory to win the championship.

Narvs PSK vs HV Välk 4-5 (2-1, 0-2, 2-2) – Series: 0-2