LAT Play-Offs: Mogo wins Game 5 in overtime

After a 2-0 lead and a 2-3 deficit, Mogo wins the game 5 against Kurbads 4-3 in overtime.

After the respective two home games, it was in the final of the „Best of Seven“ series 2-2. Now Mogo had the home advantage again and wanted to win the first „champion“ puck with a win. Kurbads wanted to defend the championship title with an away win.

Mogo really got going with the bully and took the initiative. Kurbads slightly overwhelmed in the first minutes and conceded after a few minutes, the first penalty. This resulted in the first power play for Mogo and was also used. After a submission by Sarkanis Ziemins scored the lead to 1-0 (5.). With this goal Mogo made even more pressure, but Kurbads was very dangerous in the counterattack. Until the first break there was a quick and balanced game with good chances in a row, but no further goals.

After the break, the same picture, Mogo with more game shares and better chances. Kurbads Goalie Calpa got a lot to do. After a good action, shortly after halftime, Marenis played the puck to Gricinskis and he scored the 2-0 (12.). Who thought Kurbads was beaten, who was wrong. The champion suddenly began to play better and only a few minutes after a pass from Zembergs on Freimanis, he scored the goal to 1-2 (16.). Kurbads did not miss a good opportunity after that and it was a thrilling third period.

Kurbads took this momentum from the middle period and after a few minutes Upitis, after a pass from Sprukts, scored the, well-deserved equalizer to 2-2 (44.). Mogo got a bit out of rhythm after this goal, but Kurbads winged that goal and started on it. Only minutes later Rancevs came to the puck, plays to Porejs and this scored the first-time lead for Kurbads to 3-2 (52.). This gate woke Mogo up again and relied on their playful strengths. Kurbads received a penalty in this delicate final phase and Mogo came to a power play. As in the first game period, this was also used. Sarkanis exploits a pass from Karlis Ozolins to 3-3 equalization (56.). At this score nothing changed in the final minutes and it went into the overtime.

In overtime, the fans only had to wait 27 seconds for the decision. Mogo uses a Kurbads error the room, Siksnis plays the puck to Ziemins and this hits the victory goal to 4-3. With this victory Mogo leads in the series 3: 2 and gets the first „Match-Puck“. The next game will take place in Kurbads.

HK Mogo vs HK Kurbads 4-3 OT (1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 1-0) – Series: 3-2