KHL Play-Offs: Omsk starts with an overtime win against Ufa

Avangard Omsk, Play Offs 2019Taylor Beck #65
© Robanser
KHL Play-offs 2018/19: #65 taylor Beck – Avangard Omsk © Robanser

Avangard Omsk wins the KHL East Conference final against Salavat Yulaev 4-3 in overtime. Taylor Beck scores one goal and two Assist.

For Avangard Omsk it was only the second time in the KHL in a conference final. The opponent from Ufa is, however, already started in the fifth Conference Final. In the 2011 season Ufa could win the Gagarin Cup at the end. In the current season, however, Avangard could win three of the four season games. In the PlayOffs, the two teams faced each other last in 2018, while Ufa succeeded only in the seventh game promotion to the second round. In 2016, Salavat Yulaev also won in Game 7, only in 2009, Omsk prevailed in the series with 4-1.

Ufa did not hide from the first bully and Gimatov and Larsen checked Bobkov in the Omsk Goal. The third minute had it in itself. After the two Changed Ufa chances came Omsk by Beck to a counterattack, this was successfully stopped by Ufa goalkeeper Metsola. Four minutes later, Bobkov was once again on the spot, as Khokhryakov could falsify a dangerous shot. In the following minutes it went on and on. In the ninth minute Ufa player Grigori Panin made a mistake on the opposing blue line and had to stop Shirokov with a foul. Dss led to the first power play and only 51 seconds later also followed Semyonov. In this 5:3 power play Beck tried again with a shot, and in the 11th minute he met the 1-0 lead. Now Omsk had the best phase in the game and once again it was Beck who tested Ufa goalie Metsola. Omsk had the game well under control, but the Ufa defensive blocked numerous shots. After a turn-over, Ufa came to a good final opportunity three minutes before the first break through Zharkov, but his stick did not want to play and broke. With Shirokov, 38 seconds before the break, the first Omsk player was sent to the penalty box. But only a few seconds later Tkachyov equalized this with hooking and went also on the penalty bench.

Ufa made the ideal start in the second period. Hartikainen scored the goal and played ideal on Arzamastsev, who met after 51 seconds to 1-1 equalizer. Avangard had the right answer to this start of the guests. Desharnais won a bully in the attack zone. Pokka immediately shot and scored, after not quite two minutes, the 2-1 and Omsk was back in place. Metsola then had to clear in the 26th minute. Avangard had playful advantages in the second period, but a break from Ufa restored the equalizer in the 33rd minute. Here, Khokhryakov prevailed against three opponents and goalie Bobkov. In the closing stages of this period, there was again power play for Omsk, but there was no goal and it was with this score in the third period.

It was Kemppainen who put the visitors ahead 3-2 in the 47th minute. Omark had even 4-2 for Ufa on his stick in the 49th minute, but Bobkov held on to the puck. The equalizer fell in the 52nd minute. Once again, the man of the evening, Taylor Beck, was involved. About the Canadian and his compatriot, David Desharnais, the puck came to the rebound free-standing Stålberg, and this had no trouble to shoot 3-3. Metsola had to clear once again for Ufa in the 56th minute, and then it went into overtime.
There was then one of the few powerplays, and Taylor Beck, involved in the final decision. Ufa received the penalty as Sergeyev sent the puck out of the field. This used Shumakov, after a combination of Franson and Beck, in the 65th minute to 4-3 victory goal. Taylor Beck scored with one goal and two assists, as well as numerous chances, the match winner for his team.

Avangard Omsk vs Salavat Ufa 4-3 OT (1-0, 1-2, 1-1, 1-0) – Series: 1-0