KHL Play-Offs: CSKA also wins game two against SKA


CSKA Moscow won 3-1 in the second West Conference final against SKA St.Petersburg and lead 2-0 in the „Army“ series.

In the second game of the West Conference Final in Moscow SKA had to continue without Pavel Datsyuk. After the opening defeat, the guests from St. Petersburg tried this game quickly to get a grip. The first real shot on goal came from CSKA by Grigorenko in the third minute. SKA played and CSKA had the chance to score. In the eighth minute it was Kaprizov who tested Shestyorkin with a shot of goalie. In the 13th minute for the first time SKA was really dangerous. After a Plotnikov shot Byvaltsev came to the margin, but Sorokin in CSKA goal could clarify. Shortly afterwards SKV player Byvaltsev received the first penalty in the match. This power play took only 28 seconds, the home team to 1-0 lead. Grigorenko pulled away from the blue line, Kaprizov fails with the first margin, but with the second he was successful. Now CSKA showed better and more snappy on the ice. At SKA, on the other hand, small mistakes always crept in, so Tormann Shestyorkin failed a play-off during an excursion, but his defense managed to mend it. Thus, CSKA also entered the cabin for the first time with a deserved 1-0 lead.

In the second period, SKA again showed strong and settled in the CSKA zone in the 24th minute. For this Kalinin had to prevent a foul with a goal. SKA showed a good first power play, with Sorokin lucky in two attempts by Byvaltsev. Now it was the game you could hope for from these two teams. In the 29th minute a one-timer from Shalunov, but from SKA goalie Shestyorkin showed his class. At the middle of the game, another penalty was followed by CSKA, but the guests managed very little. CSKA, however, was more dangerous in their second powerplay. Grigorenko and Shalunov had the best opportunities. In the 34th minute came after a SKA chance for a minor scramble behind the CSKA goal. This led to SKA’s third outperformance situation in this period. This power play played St. Petersburg better again. The pressure was maintained, even after the end of the two minutes. It was Plotnikov with a direct reception. Again and again there was a lot of traffic in front of the gate of Sorokin. But it was at this stage that CSKA were able to go ahead 2-0 thanks to a shot deflected by Scott in the 37th minute. CSKA now had a slight effect, but the home team helped by punishing Vey. St. Petersburg gladly accepted this „gift“ and Gusev scored in the powerplay after just 20 seconds and 69 seconds before the second siren to score 1-2.

In the third period, the game remained exciting and with scoring chances for both teams. In the 45th minute Okulov scored on the score, and Vey faked the puck with the too high stick to the supposed 3-1. The referees disallowed this goal immediately. Shortly after SKA was back in the series and Gusev narrowly missed the CSKA goal. After exactly 47 minutes CSKA was allowed to act after a penalty against Plotnikov again in excess. However, this attempt brought no real scoring chance and SKA sat down again before the CSKA goal. Mamin succeeded in bringing the puck out of its own zone in the 50th minute and started a break. He played the puck along with run Telegin perfectly and this set with the 3: 1 the two goals advantage for the Moscow Army team again. SKA tried to get back up, but Karpov narrowly failed after a solo. As a result, it was SKA really hard to get to the opponent’s goal and the home team had better chances. Two minutes before the end SKA was allowed to hope again when Vey had to go to the penalty box. But as in Game 1, this time with six outfield players, no goal was achieved. With this victory, the team from Moscow leads in the „army“ duel with 2-0 in the series.

CSKA Moscow vs SKA St. Petersburg 3-1 (1-0, 1-1, 1-0) – Series: 2-0