EST Play-Off: Välk wins first final game for the Estonian championship

eestihoki liiga

The first final game wins HK Välk against Narva PSK after 0-2 at the end with 8-2.

In the final, HK Välk and Narva PSK faced each other. The visitors surprisingly eliminated Viking Tallinn, and Välk beat Everest with a 3-0.

Accordingly, the tactics of Välk was designed, Narva was not underestimated, but at times, the home team did hard. Narva usually came out of a very safe defense and fast counterattack. This Narva was also successful, and Puzakov succeed early in the 1-0 (5.). Välk was a bit confused and tried to counterattack immediately, sometimes it was hard to get into the game. Narva continued their tactics and it was with this narrow lead in the break.

After the restart, there was the same playful picture for the time being. Narva came with persistence of the SPieles also to a power play, which was also used immediately. It was Ernuet Puzakov who scored with his second goal to 2-0, the preliminary work came from Iljin (29.). This goal was like a wake-up call for Välk, because just two minutes later, Voitsekhivskyi scored the 1-2 (31.). With this goal, the knot broke at Välk and they began to play punchy hockey. Only three minutes later, Jastrebov plays the puck to Tirarenko, who makes it 2-2 (34.).

In the final period then Välk managed everything. In addition the exact passing game and the almost perfect chances evaluation. It was almost two minutes played, as served Gusynin the well-standing Voitsekhivskyi and this brings Välk with 3-2 in the lead (42.). With this, the home team has turned the game. Now Välk started on it and only a minute later Jastrebov meets, after pass of Gusynin, to 4-2 (44.). Garanin scored 5-2 (46.) and only two minutes later Tsyganov scored the 6-2 (48.). These four goals within a short time could not put away Narva and the game was decided. Narva’s resistance was almost gone. Völk further in forward gear and after a gite combination hits the lead to 7-2 (51.). The final point in this game was set by Titarenko, who scored the final score of 8-2 with his second goal in the match (54.). With this victory Välk leads in the final series with 1-0.

HK Välk 494 vs Narva PSK 8-2 (0-1, 2-1, 6-0) – Series: 1-0