LAT Play-Offs: Kurbads wins Game 3 against Mogo

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In the third final game Kurbads defeated Mogo 3-1 and shortened the series to 1-2.

Kurbads was behind after the first two games in the series 0-2. The reigning champion wanted to win the two upcoming home games, so today had a victory here.

However, in the first few minutes Mogo was the game-determining team. Although Kurbads was very hard-working, Mogo Goalie Ancs kept it for the time being. With persistence Kurbads came ever better into the game and came just before mid-period to a power play. After a mistake in the build-up Marenis came to the puck, and, the striker committed by Dinamo Riga, scored with a short-hander 1-0 for Mogo (10.). Kurbads was somewhat shocked by this gate and acted very cautious and careful, too careful. Therefore, hardly top opportunities and Mogo went with this advantage in the first break.

In the middle period it was clearly better and Kurbads pushed away from the bully on the compensation. For a long time, the fans of the champion did not have to wait, because only 25 seconds after the restart Cipulis meets, after pass from Gipters, to 1-1 (21.). This goal was liberating and it developed a high-quality and fast-paced play-off game. There were many good chances on both sides. The fans had to wait but long for a goal. Just over a minute before the second break achieved Sprukts, again gave Gipters the deciding pass, the lead to 2-1. This goal was more than earned due to the strong game.

In the final period, Kurbads was the better team at times, but Mogo came with fast, accurate counter attacks repeatedly dangerous before the Kurbads gate. A small preliminary decision succeeds four minutes after the restart Kobe Jass, who uses a pass from Stals to 3-1. Mogo did not want to give up yet and started the counterattack in order to reach the goal for the time being. However, Kurbad’s defensive were all about Goalie Calpa, he was the rock in the surf, very safe and left no further goal. Kurbads controlled until the end of this game and result over time and shortened with this win in the series to 1-2.

HK Kurbads vs HM Mogo 3-1 (0-1, 2-0, 1-0) – Series: 1-2