LTU Play-Offs: Energija Elektrenai is champion for the 22nd time.

Energija Elektrenai Champion 2018-19 (c) Hockey Lietuva/

With a 7-2 victory over the Hockey Punks Energija gets for the 22nd time the Lithuanian Ice Hockey Championship.

Energija laid the foundation for this victory in the first 15 minutes. The reigning champion immediately dominated the game and made the punks look very bad at times. With a quick attack Evstigneev scored the 1-0 lead (8th). Only two minutes later Energija relented and Beliakov increased to 2-0 (10th). However, Aliukonis had to go to the penalty box and the punks scented in power play a chance. But Isaev was excellently served by katulis and scored the 3-0 (15.) with a short hander. The punks did not let up in this power play and ten seconds before the penalty expires Zheltakov succeeds in the same minute the 1-3 (15.). There were still some penalties in this start period, but there were no more goals.

In the middle period Energija was still the leading team. Also two power play games for the punks were survived without damage. Shortly before halftime, Vitte, with his already 13th goal of the season, will make it 4-1 (30.). With this goal, the preliminary decision in this game and the championship had fallen. Although the punks came in a power play through the goal of Majul on 2-4 zoom (37.), but only two minutes later Baltrukonis dissipated with the 5-2 all hopes for a game turn (39.).Wise seconds before the second break made the punks made a mistake and had too many players on the ice. Energija took this power-play into the final period.

The old and new champion took advantage of this power play and Kazlauskas scored the 6-2 with his 16th season goal. There followed some emotional outbursts and there were some penalties on both sides. After a fight, Energijas Vezlis and Kuveka had to be punished by the punks. The punks player had to stay longer, he made a 2+2 penalty. The final point in this game Kulevicius sat with the 7-2 (50th), the final score established. Energija exchanged the goalies minutes before the end and Ponomarenko made room for Dauksevicius, who made a good start until the end. Shortly before the end, there was another minor gambit, the result changed nihts more. Energija wins, with this victory, for the 22nd time the Lithuanian Ice Hockey Championship.

Energija Elektrenai vs Hockey Punks Vilnius 7-2 (3-1, 2-1, 2-0) – Series 3-1