LAT Play-Offs: Mogo also wins the second final game

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Mogo wins the game against Kurbads after a 0-2 deficit with 4-3 after penalty shut-out.

The reigning champion Kurbads wanted to make the series equalization in the second game against Mogo. Mogo, on the other hand, intended to play a comfortable 2-0 series lead ahead of the two away games.

Both teams offered away from the first bully a real play-off game with many good chances. Both goalies, Ancs from Mogo and Kurbads Calpa got a lot to keep. It went back and forth with many great actions. A few minutes before the first break, Augstkalns passes the puck to Pushkaryov after a counter-attack, and he scores the 1-0 lead for Kurbad (18.). This score also went into the first break.

Kurbads was through this goal just before side break full of energy and only 19 seconds after the restart meets Upitis, after a pass from Cipulis, to 2-0. Mogo was roused by this fast gate and began to increase the pressure. Kurbads was too far on the defensive and Calpa had to hold more than he liked. The odds piled up for Mogo and even a permanent pressure phase Ozolins succeeds the 1-2 (38.). This goal gave Mogo an extra boost and only seconds before the second break Zelubovskis scored the 2-2.

In the final period both teams were looking for the direct way to reach the goal. It developed, to the delight of the fans from both camps, an open exchange of blows with many good chances. Shortly after halftime of the period Marenis got the puck of Zelubovskis. Marenis passes on to Gricinskis and this brings the hosts for the first time with 3-2 lead (53.) – Mogo has turned the game. Kurbads has not beaten yet and only three minutes later succeeds Bransic the equalizer goal to 3-3 (56.). At this score it stayed and it went into the over-time.

In overtime, both teams wanted to make the decision, but the huge opportunities were often forgiven. It remained in this draw and it had to decide the penalty shut-out. In the penalty shut-out Karlis Ozolins meets with the first penalty, but Kurbads Brancis equalizes. The victory in the shut-out then Mogo, Janis Ozolins exploits his penalty. Mogo wins the match after a gap and puts them 2-0 up in the series.

HK Mogo vs HK Kurbads 4-3 OS (0-1, 2-1, 1-1, 0-0, 1-0) – Series: 2-0