EST Play-Offs: Narva PSK is in the final for the Estonian championship

eestihoki liiga

With a 5-2 win over Viking Tallin Narva PSK wins the series 3-1 and is in the final against HK Välk.

16-time champion Narva PSK only needed one more victory over Viking Tallinn to qualify for the final of the Estonian Ice Hockey Championship. The Vikings wanted to prevent this with a victory to extend the series.

Narva set off right away from the bully and put pressure on Viking. It took just over two minutes and Rabotinski scored the early 1-0 after a pass from Minin. This goal gave Narva the necessary self-confidence and played Tallinn downright against the wall. Nevertheless, Viking was able to break free and attack quickly. But the safe acting narva defensive blocked successfully. Narva did not let up and after a pass from Bogdanov Nevzorov scored the 2-0 (15.). Viking did not beat so easily and Kuznetsov scored the 1-2 (19.) one minute before the break. A few seconds after this goal Narva came to a power play and five seconds before the breaks siren meets Titiv to 3-1.

This late goal was like a thorn in Viking’s buildup, which did not really come into play after the break. Narva acted determined and the team wanted this victory. At halftime, Narva Weider had a power play. Once again, Puzakov scored the goal and completed a quick pass from Ilja Iljin to make it 4-1 (30.). Although Viking was able to start one or the other dangerous attack, but either the Narva defensive was successful or it was at Goalie Seppenen final station.With this 3-goal lead, it went into the final period.

At the beginning of the final period Narva put pressure again and after 80 seconds Kirill meets Iljin to 5-1 (42.). This was also the preliminary decision in this game. Viking was at no stage able to turn this game around. However, Viking came to a power play as Nevzorov had to take a seat on the penalty bench after Tripping. The Vikings use this opportunity and Kolenchukov scores the 2-5 (47.). After this goal Narva took a time-out and also made a goalie change, and Rovda came for the last 14 minutes. The back-up goalie did well, holding six shots of Viking trying again. Both teams each had a chance in a power play but it changed the result nothing more. Narva PSK takes home the necessary third point to win the series and faces HK Välk in the final.

HK Narva PSK vs Viking Tallinn 5-2 (3-1, 1-0, 1-1) – Series: 3-1