KHL Play-Offs: Ufa wins in Yekaterinburg and is in the Conference Final


Salavat Yulaev wins, after two quick goals, Game 5 at Avtomobilist Yekaterinburg 4-1 and faces the East Conference final against Avangard Omsk.

Avangard Omsk had to win at home against Salavat Yulaev to stay in the play-off race. The start was anything but good for the hosts. After just one minute Panin pulled away from the blue line, and after Larsen could not transform the rebound, this Teemu Hartikainen did. Avtomobilist did not have much time to catch up, and Vishnevsky had to go to the penalty box after a high stick at the end of the fourth minute. Ufa then showed a very punchy powerplay and after Kovar was able to fend off a blue-liner for a short time, Tkachyov struck after only 34 seconds excess from an acute angle to 2-0. The home team did not really do much and Salavat Yulaev was easy to manage that lead. In the 14th minute resulted in Yekaterinburg a Überzahlspiel. It took time to work out opportunities. These also came and Sexton failed twice at Ufa goalie Metsola. An unnecessary penalty from Vasilevsky brought in the 16th minute but again the guests in a power play. These two minutes did not go so well and when Avtomobilist was complete, Paré had a good equalizer chance. However, Avtomobilist was not spared any penalties and got caught in the 19th minute DaCosta, after a stroke on Hartikainen, equal to five plus 20 minutes. Only 45 seconds later, Ufa player Burmistrov had to go into the cabin because of a stroke. After a hectic final phase, it was with a 2-0 for Ufa for the first time in the cabins.

At the beginning of the second period, Avtomobilist took better advantage of the free space and after a shot from Sexton the puck went to the crossbar. The game remained hectic and the guests from Ufa were able to record a pole shot by Solodukhin in the 26th minute. Then it went on again with power play for the guests, but the big chance had Avtomobilist through Chesalin. He caused several Ufa players to look bad, but it was not enough for the first goal. For the game center Avtomobilist failed again, as the puck jumped just past the Ufa goal over. In return, however, Ufa struck. At first Kemppainen only hit the pole, confusion ensued before the hosts goal and Kovar lay on the ice. That used Omark to 3-0 lead. Just seconds later, Avtomobilist was unlucky again when a Kuznetsov shot just hit the crossbar. Avtomobilist now risked more and more. Once again in a power play in the 37th minute, a Dawes shot narrowly missed the long cross back. So Yekaterinburg continued to score without a goal. The home fans were allowed to cheer at least one more goal.

At the beginning of the 43rd minute preliminary decision followed in the game. When Avtomobilist was unable to pull the puck out of the danger zone after a short defense, Kemppainen used this to increase to 4-0. After a shot from Mamkin Khripunov could stand on the rebound Ufa Goalie Metsola the puck still under the catch hand out. This used in the 52nd Minute Chesalin to 1-4. More was not possible despite a clear superiority of the hosts in the final third. This was the end of Yekaterinburg’s most successful season in the club’s history. For Ufa, next week’s final will be Avangard for the Gagarin Cup final. At the same time, this today’s victory for the 2011 Gagarin Cup champion marks the fifth participation in a KHL Conference final.

Avtomobilist vs Salavat Ufa 1-4 (0-2, 0-1, 1-1) – Series: 1-4