EST Play-Offs: Narva PSK with away win and HK Välk is in the final

eestihoki liiga

HK Välk celebrates a superior 9-3 home win and leads the series against Everest 3-0 – Narva wins at Viking Tallinn 7-2 and leads in the series 2-1.

Favorite HK Välk went away from Bully with full vigor in this game. The foundation for this clear and superior home win was laid in just six minutes. Sokolov score 1-0 after just five minutes, and just two minutes later, Titarenko, who had a very good day, added 2-0. Everest caught himself a bit, but also because Välk took the pace out of the game. But there was no danger in this period at any time, controlled by the favorite. With a quick attack four seconds before the break, Titarenko exploits a pass from Jastrebov to 3-0.

Nahc the break, there was the same playful image as at the beginning of the game. Välk in rapid forward and Voitsekhivskyi meets to 4-0 (35.). The preliminary work for this goal came from Sokolov. Everest just did not get into gear and Välk uses every available space to attack. Just a minute later Vorang scored the 5-0 (36.) and thus the early decision in this one-sided game. A few seconds before half-time, Sokolov scores the dozen with his second goal with 6-0 (38.). In a power play for Välk Barayev came to the puck and shortens, after a beautiful solo effort, to 1-6 (33.). But Välk had the right answer ready, because only a little later Titarenko scored, with his third goal, to 7-1 (34.). Just before the break, it was again Titarenko, who increased with his already fourth goal to 8-1 (39.). At both gates Jastrebov did the preliminary work.

After the break Välk switched back two gears and Everest had more space. After a good forward Sergeev scored the 2-8 (43.). The game was decided and the big chances did not exist anymore. Less than ten minutes before the end, Luzgin takes a pass from Titarenko and scored the 9-2 (50.). The final point but put Everest. With a quick game from Levin and the pass to Serebrennikovm, who makes the final score to 3-9 (54.). But this goal was only the result of cosmetics. With this victory Välk wins the series 3-0 and is in the finals for the Estonian championship.

HK Välk 494 vs HC Everest 9-3 (3-0, 5-1, 1-2) – Series: 3-0

In the second semi final Viking Tallinn received the HK Narva PSK. In the series it is 1-1 and Viking wanted to go with a win in the lead. However, Narva thwarted this project. Although Sillandi succeeds after a pass from Fedoruk the fast 1-0 lead (2.), but then played only Narva. Just five minutes later, Illjiin equalized 1-1 (7.) and a few minutes later Vassiliev scored the 2-1 lead (15.). Narva controlled the game and Tallinn struggled to get into the game.

In the middle period only thirty seconds were played, as Nevzorov scored the 3-1 after a solo. This gate had to process Viking first and need for a relatively long time and then came up to speed. After a good action by Ivaov with a pass to Kolenchukov, this manages the 2-3 (32.). The joy on the part of Tallinn but only lasted two minutes, as Rabotinski exploited a pass from Kirillov to 4-2 (34.). It followed a balanced game and both teams had some good chances. The best had Narva a few moments before the second break and used this as well. Bogdanov takes over a pass from Titov to score 5-2 (40.). This goal meant the preliminary decision in this game.

In the final period, Tallin tried again to come close, but the defense of Narva was very safe and did not allow any great opportunities. The guests were very active in the counter play. After another solo by Kulakov this scored the 6-2 (47.). The game was finally decided and Tallin could not stop it. Narva still did not have enough after this goal. Aleksandrov takes advantage of the frien space and scored the 7-2 (57.). With this away win Narva leads in the series with 2-1 and has the possibility to fix the finals in the home game. There, HK Välk is already waiting for the series to win 3-0 against HC Everest.

HK Viking Tallinn vs Harva PSK 2-7 (1-2, 1-3, 0-2) – Series: 1-2