KHL Play-Offs: Ufa and Omsk each need only one victory


Salavat Yulaev beat Avtomobilist 4-2 to remain unbeaten in their own stadium – as did Avangard Omsk, who beat Barys Astana 3-1 in the second game.

Salavat Yulaev took another lead in the series after a 2-1 home win two days ago. Ufa had the chance to play in their own „Ufa“ arena again. The more than 8,000 fans did not have to wait long for the first scoring opportunities.

At the beginning it was still Avtomobilist, where Paré Ufa goalkeeper Metsola tested. However, Ufa immediately struck in the first powerplay of the game. A shot from Semyonov was briefly deflected by Kovar in the 6th minute, and through a defender, the puck found his way into the visitors‘ goal. This goal gave Ufa a boost and the bad luck stayed with Avtomobilist. A pass in front of the guests gate could not really control Sexton and so he „fit“ unhappily to Gimatov. This drew immediately and defeated only 61 seconds later the Jekaterinburg goalie to 2-0. Avtomobilist seemed to be back in the game. Sexton won a run duel for the puck in the 10th minute, lifting an icing whistle. That was surprising for Ufa and so the puck went to Litovchenko, this shot and Gimatov faked in the 7th minute the puck untenable for Salavat Yulaev goalie Metsola. Avtomobilist but had no luck in the end. Burmistrov missed the empty score. A quick break from Larsen brought the renewed two-goal lead. The 29-year-old Dane had now twice joy, he was only a day before father of a daughter.

In the second period Avtomobilist tried to come back again, but again and again was at Metsola in Ufa Tor terminus. But in the 36th minute the mistakes crept back into Yekaterinburg. It seized again Sexton, this time played the puck behind the own goal standing exactly on Kemppainen, who finished to 4-1.

In the final period Avtomobilist swapped the goalies and started with Fomin. Yekaterinburg continued to try to defeat Metsola once more, for example Tryamkin attempted a power play. In the 44th minute then Burmistrov was driven by Kazianov downright. The Ufa player took some time to leave the ice, but there was no penalty. Burmistrov came back into the game and had almost the fifth Ufa goal on his stick in the 58th minute. At the beginning of the 59th minute, Metsola had to give up a second time. But this time also helped the luck for Yekaterinburg, as Sergeyev faked a puck with his hand in his own goal. This goal gave Avtomobilist another boost. Vasilevsky found a good chance 28 seconds before the end of the fall But there was no more time for more and so Avtomobilist now has to prevent the departure of their home crowd the day after tomorrow.

Salavat Ufa vs Avromobilist 4-2 (3-1, 1-0, 0-1) – Series: 3-1

Avangard Omsk wanted to continue the impressive 5-0 performance on Monday in Game 4 against Barys Astana. After just 45 seconds Stas also appeared dangerously in front of Bary’s goalkeeper Karlsson. Unlike Monday Astana took on the duels and thus they got more and more game shares. But the Avangard defense was able to block most attempts.
In the seventh minute it was Boyd who came to the puck in front of Omsk Tor, but Bobkov and Stas managed to keep the Astana striker out.

A minute later, Dallman hit Shumakov hard. This attack showed that Barys was also physically in the game today. In the 12th minute Barys came through Svedberg again to a good final attempt, Bobkov had no problems. Four minutes before the first break, Omsk had a very good chance, but Karlsson knocked the puck away. In return, Petukhov tried, but this attempt was stopped just before the gate by a foul by Yemelin. This led to the first powerplay in the game and Astana found two good chans through Bochenski and Mikhailis.

After a light problem, the second period started a few minutes late, but the home team was immediately awake bright. Now it was much better offensive. The big chance for the lead was Astana in the 24th minute when the puck was alone in front of the Omsk goal. Then again Omsk was on the trigger. At first, Stas narrowly missed his shot. Three minutes later, Shumakov had a lot of space and Svedberg just managed to keep the stick in between. In the 28th minute Avangard then settled in the Astana zone. That took 19-year-old Yaremchuk to his very first KHL goal to 1-0.

Only 28 seconds later, Stålberg Bary’s player Frattin checked. This collapsed and had to be led with the stretcher of the ice. For the Omsk player there was 5 + 20 penalty. This gave Barys the chance to shoot the game. Omsk Goalie Bobkov helped off just 36 seconds later when he failed to respond to a sustained shot from Frattin. Astana equalized to 1-1. Short time later, Bobkov did not look well when he let another shot jump forward. The freelance Boyd could not use this opportunity to lead. Only once did Omsk really make it out of their own zone in those five minutes when Semyonov was alone on the Barys Goalie. Avangard survived this phase and when they were complete again they exerted pressure. In a power play Yemelin had a chance in the 40th minute by a Blueliner, but the goalie Karlsson recorded.

In the third period, Omsk tried to continue the game, but now they approached it with more caution. Thus, there were hardly any dangerous goal situations on both sides. There was still a goal, and again a goalkeeper was in the center. But this time it was Astana goalkeeper Karlsson, who let pass a shot of Chudinov of the blue line in the 48th minute. Avangard did not allow the visitors to come into play after scoring the goal and came up with two good chances even in the 53rd minute following a Galimov shot, and the extra margin from Koshelev. In the 54th minute there was a running duel between Avangard player Shumakov and Dietz. The Barys player checked Shumakov face first into the gang. Shumakov stayed on the ice and had to be taken out of the hall with the stretcher. For Dietz, the game was over as well. Avangard uses this advantage to the 3-1 only 44 seconds later. It took Chudinov after only a few seconds a second time off, the first attempt could still ward off Karlsson, against the second slap shot he was without a chance.

Avangard take the lead 3-1 in the series and remain victorious in their fourth play-off match this season in Balashikhta. After the game, Avangard coach Hartley commented on blackouts, penalties and emotions in the match: „These are the play offs, but we stayed cool and we kept the discipline, which was an important win today.“ But he is also proud of the young Alexander Yaremchuk, who scored his first goal in the KHL.

Avangard Omsk vs Barys Astana 3-1 (0-0, 1-1, 2-0) – Series: 3-1