LTU Play-Offs: Energija wins first final game against Hockey Punks

LT Hockey League

Energija wins the first final match for the Lithuanian championship against Hockey Punks 6-3.

In the first match for the Lithuanian championship Energija received the hockey punks from Vilnius. The Punks eliminated Kaunas Hockey in the semifinals and Energija prevailed against Gelezinis Vilkas.

It was a real play-off game away from the Bully. Both teams paid nothing and the punks had the first power play after a few minutes. Energija conceded these two minutes without conceding and went into the counterattack at the end of the penalty period. The punitive Evstigeev uses his chance and scored, after pass from Katulis, the 1-0 (6.). Of course, the visitors from Vilnius immediately pushed for the equalizer. But it took some time and Markovsky scored the 1-1 (15.) after some good chances. But just one minute later, Zidkova’s Energija again lead 2-1 (16.). The punks concentrated in consequence too much on the attack and Energija uses the free space. Just two minutes before the break Kulevicius meets to 3-1 and only a few seconds later Aliukonis scored the 4-1 (20.). The punks came before the break to a power play that was taken in the middle period.

The Punks could not score in this power play. Shortly thereafter, Kuliesius had to go to the penalty box and Energija had a power play. Unlike the punks, the reigning champions used this opportunity and Isaev scored the 5-1 (27.). That was the preliminary decision in the match, and when Zidkovas scored 6-1 just five minutes later, the game was finally over in favor of Energija. Shortly before the second break, the punks came to a 5:3 power play. Punks goalie Baltrunas left the ice, but the time was too short and it went into the final period.

There it suddenly became hectic and there were some penalties. In a power play for the Punks, Vitte sat for slashing on the penalty bench, Truksys manages the 2-6 (49.). After this goal, the punks hoped for a turnaround and it was very emotional. Barely ten minutes before the end of Beliakov had by Energija on the penalty bench. Energijas Gaidauskas, who then got a four-minute starter, and Truksnys of the Punks got in the way of this power play and scrounged. The Punks took a time-out and then Goalie Baltrunas from the ice. The Punks had two more players on the ice and used this opportunity and Markovsky scored the 3-6 (50.). However, Markovsky got carried away just a minute later for a check against his head and received a 5 + game disciplinary and had to leave the ice. In the last few minutes the game calmed down and Energija controlled the game until the end. With this victory, Energija takes a step towards title defense and leads 1-0 in the series.

Energija Elektrenai vs Hockey Punks 6-3 (4-1, 2-0, 0-2) – Series: 1-0