KHL Play-Offs: CSKA and SKA with away wins


CSKA wins the Moscow-duel against Dynamo with a 2-1 „last-minute-goal“ – SKA celebrates a 3-1 win at Lokomotiv. So, the two army clubs in the series each lead with 3-1.

Dynamo Moscow came last in Game 3 against CSKA with 0-4 neatly „under the wheels“. That was to be avoided today so as not to have to fight for survival on Thursday in the CSKA Arena.

Both teams started very offensively and Grigorenko had the first big chance with a shot attempt. Dynamo through Shipachyov became dangerous for the first time in the 7th minute, but Goalie Sorokin cleared things up. CSKA striker Vey then tried a pawn trick but failed Yeryomenko in the Dynamo goal. In the 15th minute was followed by a penalty against CSKA and Dynamo drew a good powerplay. This led by Hietanen also to 1-0 leadership. CSKA did complete again after that, but Dynamo kept the trigger and the Finn scored his first play-off goal (18.).

In the second period CSKA by Vey, and then Dynamo by Hietanen and Makarov each had very good chances in powerplay. Dynamo remained the more active team, but the so important second goal did not succeed the blue-white. At the beginning of the 45th minute followed by a great single action by Okulov. The 24-year-old pulled parallel to the gate and left with a shot, in the far corner, Yeryomenko no chance. Thus, CSKA succeeded in compensation and as a result of the army team also better. In the 56th minute, after good CSKA opportunities emotions came up a little and there were penalties against Svetlakov and Dynamo player Cajkovsky. Everything seemed to run out of overtime. But this did not happen. Andronov had a good chance after a Vey preliminary in the last minute of the match. The subsequent confusion in the Dynamo Defensive, with 25,5 seconds to go, made Robinson the winner with a 2-1 deficit, which also meant the final score. Thus CSKA succeeded in the end a bit happy and now leads in the series with 3-1.

Dynamo Moscow vs CSKA Moscow 1-2 (1-0, 0-0, 0-2) – Series: 1-3

Lok won 3-1 against SKA last season and conceded their first away defeat in this year’s play-offs. The game started with a power play for Lok and Kayumov and Kovalenko tested Hellberg in the SKA goal. Shortly thereafter, Korshkov had the opportunity before the guest goalkeeper twice to put. SKA came in the starting phase barely before the locomotive gate. It was only when Rafikov was sent to the penalty box in the 5th minute that SKA was threatened by a Byvaltsev one-timer and a shot from Khafizullin’s blue line. Lok remained but game determinant. In the 12th minute, SKA got stuck in front of the Lok goal and Roman was immediately successful with one shot. In the 13th minute followed by a flaw in SKA and only ten seconds later Ketov had because of a stroke on the penalty bench. Lok now besieged the Hellberg goal, but two good chances by Loktionov and Misyul did not come out. Just before the break, it was Rafikov who had the balance on the stick with a long shot.

In the second period Byvaltsev went alone in the 21st minute to the Lok goalie. It seemed like he could beat Konovalov with the shot between his legs, but the puck slid only along the goal line but not over it. But also Lokomotiv had the chance to equalize in this third. The best of it, two minutes before the siren, by Kartayev. But Hellberg was able to fend off his one-timer and Lok was able to make it into the final 20 minutes with a tight 0: 1 deficit. A powerplay brought St. Petersburg’s two goals lead. With Kraskovsky only the third locomotive player in the game had to go to the penalty box and Rundblad took advantage of this opportunity to make it 2-0 with a mighty shot just before the blue line. Lok was now sorted out and led in the 55th minute to a break. Dabeo wanted to serve Kruchinin Karpov, who also got lucky to the puck, because the interference attempt by Osipov did not work, and the puck jumped to 3-0 in the net. Lok did not give up and came to 26 seconds before the end by Belyayev a consolation goal. In the defeat and the associated 1: 3 deficit against SKA changed but nothing more.

Lokomotiv vs SKA St. Petersburg 1-3 (0-1, 0-0, 1-2) – Series: 1-3