Baltic Challenge Cup: Japan keep their chance for the final with 5-1 over Belarus

Baltic Challenge Cup 2018 – Vilnius/LT – Team Japan                – (c) Franz Berger/Baltics Media

Japan clearly defeats the Belarus B team by 5-1 and puts Lithuania under pressure – Estonia is cleared by Romania 3-7.

The team of Belarus B intervened today for the first time in tournament action and the opponent was Japan. Despite their narrow defeat by host nation Lithuania, the Asian side still had a chance to reach the final with a win today. Accordingly, they went to this meeting.

The audience got to see a fast attractive hockey. The first few minutes belonged to the Belarusians in which Marchanka and Maslukov found good opportunities. The now 38-year-old Japanese goalkeeper Fukifuji had a very good day today. The Japanese take advantage of their speed and Yamada meets to 1-0 (12.). This hit gave a boost, kept pushing and forced the Belarusians to make mistakes. One of these misunderstandings of the defense uses Tanaka, who plays to Iwamoto and it was 2-0 (18.).

Shortly after the restart Marschonak shortened after a solo to 1-2 (23.) and it made hope wide. This was destroyed in the middle of the period of the Japanese – Hitosato increased to 3-1 (30.). Japan was again the game-determining team, had also by Tanaka to score a goal. Nearly 80 seconds before the second break Yamada took a heart, plays through the Belarusian defense and meets, with his second goal, to 4-1 (39.). This was the preliminary decision.

In the final section prevented Fukufuji with great reflexes more goals, even his counterpart, Hleb, could avoid worse. Iwamoto made his second goal five minutes before the end of the game, scoring a pass from Kawai to make it 5-1 (55.), which also meant the final score. With this success, they put pressure on Lithuania, who now have to win against Belarus to reach the final.

Team Belarus B vs. Team Japan 1-5 (0-2, 1-2, 0-1)

In the afternoon game, the substitute Weakened Estonians suffered a bitter 3-7 loss to Romania. In Estonia missing Liinik, who was ordered back to Austria and Rooba was not there. This should not detract from the performance of the Romanians, who offered an attractive hockey. After a balanced first period, Balasz puts Romania 1-0 in front shortly before the break (17.). After the break Estonia succeeds by Parras with a worth seeing Lupfer the equal to 1-1 (25th). The Estonians had a 3:5-under power play and conceded 2-2 by Cjanad (30.) two seconds before the end of the match. Although Aleksandrov found the equal opportunity for Estonia, in practice he conceded the 1-3 – Casaneanu completed a fast counterattack (32.).

Estonia shortens a few seconds after the start of the game by Sorokin to 2-3 (41.). However, followed by a gruff final third with penalties churning, as both sought the decision. Romanians finally managed a double strike within 14 seconds on the winner’s road. Gergö meets for 4-2 (43.) and 5-2 (43.). The Estonian team wanted to try again and the project got a short short – Makrov shortened to 3-5 (46.). However, Pavlo sets with his goal to 6-3 (47.) the Estonian project a sudden end. The final point in this match-winning game Bido sets the perfect use of a coming from the penalty bench Pavlo. This will be tomorrow’s duel against Latvia for the final.

Team Estonia vs. Team Romania 3-7 (0-1, 1-2, 2-4)